Accommodation Updates

  • 26/01/2020 - We've moved!!! As of Monday 27/01/2020 we will be operational from 109 Howatshaws Road, Dumbarton, G82 3DT. 
  • 17/01/2020 - The anticipated dates of Completion and moving for 18/01/2020 will not occur. We have not been advised yet of an alternative date, but will keep you informed when we have. 
  • 23/12/2019 - The anticipated dates of Completion for December 2019 will not occur. We have been advised of an anticipated date of mid January 2020. 
  • 05/11/2019 - Further discussions with the Council today have confirmed that the completion date of 14/11/2019 has definitely slipped. The anticipated date of completion is now for mid December. Which means we will be staying resident in Longcrags until at least then. 
  • 18/10/2019 - Today we've had discussions with the Council. Internal work on the Pavilion will start on Monday 21/10/2019, with an anticipated completion date of 14/11/2019. We also received the following information from the Construction Contractor CCG - here
  • 14/10/2019 - You'll have noticed today that some heras fencing has been erected around the old Aitkenbar school, and BSOC site. So far, we have no update from the Council on the status of things, however we are pursuing one. 
  • 26/08/2019 - If you've been up on Howatshaws Road, you'll have hopefully noticed that some activity on the Pavilion, in preparation for it becoming our new home, is underway.  Scaffolding has been erected and roofing contractors are on-site working on the roof and fascias as well as removing the tank from the roof.  Keep watching for further updates if and when we have them. 
  • 18/11/2018 - It has been confirmed this week by West Dunbartonshire Council, that we have been allocated alternative premises. The Pavilion on Howatshaws Road will become our new home during 2019. No dates have been formalised as yet and we will keep you posted on progress, as we get updates.